Recursos Naturales Y Medio Ambiente


Mining and Environmental

We provide legal advice during the stage of evaluation, design, planning and environmental management of all permits and licenses necessary for the development of investment projects or economic unit.

Likewise, we provide legal advice in the identification and evaluation of legal obligations in environmental matters, applicable to the operations of the different sectors that allow the correct environmental management of its operations, and thus avoid legal contingencies of a sanctioning nature on the part of the competent authority.

In the same way, in the execution and elaboration of audits and matrices of identification of requirements and legal obligations related to environmental aspects, risks and own risks and related to each economic activity. With this, obtaining an appropriate interpretation, as well as a legal and technical reference of compliance with the obligations imposed by sectoral and cross-sectoral regulations, in order to avoid the possible ranges of sanctions that could be imposed due to non-compliance and / or non-compliance.

With regard to licenses, permits and authorizations, the service consists of drawing up the strategy and compiling the necessary information to obtain the enabling title in the administrative office.

Among the administrative procedures are the following most relevant environmental aspects: (i) water use rights; (ii) dumping of wastewater; (iii) household and / or solid waste; (iv) use of chemical inputs and controlled products; (v) other relevant aspects specific to each economic activity.