Propiedad Y Proyectos


Property and Projects

We advise on issues related to real rights, legal remedies, formalization and titling of urban, rural and waste lands, as appropriate; as well as, advice for the development of real estate projects.

Realization of the studies of integral qualification that are required, judicial and / or administrative procedures that correspond, and the legal and technical advice required for the structuring and development of all constructive process or sale of goods.

Advice on urban land qualification, subdivision thereof, accumulation, independence, promotion of zoning changes, titling of rural and urban land, completion of municipal procedures, registration, obtaining building license, operation and permits connected

Similarly, our experience allows us to provide advice on the execution and promotion of related procedures before various government entities, such as Public Registries, INDECOPI, Municipalities, Regional Governments, various Ministries, decentralized offices and local authorities.