We advise on the design and implementation of corporate structures comprising, the constitution, maintenance, reorganization, merger, split and corporate transformation; and, in specialized advice for the registration of foreign investment, assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of legal stability agreements.

Advice and assistance in the preparation of strategies, negotiation, preparation, and execution of contracts in civil matters-purchase and sale, leasing, rental of services and work, supply, preparatory, usufruct, surface, easement, among others; as well as commercial contracts-franchise, trademark license, know-how, technical assistance, electronic contracting, management, consulting, real estate brokerage, sponsorship, merchandising, among others, and in guarantee contracts - security interest , mortgage, trust, letter of guarantee, among others.

It should be noted that our team maintains the necessary experience to provide the specific advice that may be required, regarding issues in administrative law in general, registration, regulatory law, competition law, consumer protection, intellectual property, among others.

Regarding Due Diligence, they include the documentary analysis and the study of legal aspects of all the components of a project and the regulatory aspects of each sector, and the adequacy of the same to certain standards, in order to establish conditions for their bancability that allow obtaining financing.