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Socio en Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores

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Socio en Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores

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Socio en Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores


It is a Peruvian firm focused on providing solutions to specific problems that consists of a highly specialized team of lawyers and consultants. Developing the legal practice for more than twenty (20) years for corporate clients, companies, investors and public entities.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with comprehensive advice through a specialized service, which guarantees an adequate representation and defense of our clients interest.

In these more than 20 years we have been advising and representing both national and foreign clients in their different businesses, companies or investments; always seeking the highest quality and the highest level of commitment in every legal matter entrusted to us.

That is why, our firm has been recognized in the national and international market by the preference of our customers and in the same way by the important specialized publication of the sector, Corporate Int. Magazine 2019. Main portal of trade magazines and advisors worldwide, which commemorate those companies that have been successful in the last twelve months and that have demonstrated excellence in experience and service and whose commercial publications reach thousands of business leaders in the financial and legal sectors around the world and in which Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores emphasizes in the following categories:

  • Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Peru.
  • Mining Law Firm of the Year in Peru.
  • Project Management Law Firm of the Year in Peru.
  • Environmental Law Firm of the Year in Peru

Confirming in this way that our firm maintains a vast experience in the execution of specialized services such as; corporate, contracts and commercial; property and projects; labor, migratory, occupational safety and health; environment, mining and natural resources in different corporations, companies, projects and economic operations.



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