Litigios Y Arbitrajes


Litigation and Arbitration

The area advises its clients in the management and integral solutions in the possible conflicts of interests that may arise, for this it is considered the relevant facts that originated the conflict, the available evidential means and the viability of the claims of each party is analyzed with the intention of structuring an adequate theory of the case suitable for the interests of our clients.

The area of DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND ARBITRATION is made up of legal professionals who in turn have specialization in CIVIL PROCEDURAL LAW.

The experience of professionals in the area of civil proceedings and contentious administrative proceedings is reflected in the claims that interpose on:

  • Claim for compensation for damages.
  • Claim of obligation to give sum of money.
  • Claim for nullity of legal act.
  • Request for termination of contract.
  • Demand for Paulian action.
  • Request for grant of public deed.


Without prejudice to the claims detailed above, the advice in civil litigation administrative, criminal and arbitration proceedings that includes all those in which the dispute is about civil rights.